Our Sustainability Policy

Sustainability at Bleaklow Farm

Bleaklow Farm

Bleaklow Farm is sat atop the stunning Longstone Edge and is surrounded by the dramatic and beautiful Peak District National Park.

Due to our unique rural location, we are surrounded by amazing nature and we aim to encourage and protect our biodiversity.

We work hard to protect our land and the surrounding area whilst minimising any negative impact on the environment by using local produce, tradespeople and companies and using environmentally friendly cleaning products and saving energy where possible.

We welcome and encourage our guests to do the same!


Energy Usage at Bleaklow Farm:

Bleaklow Farm is well insulated and has modern heating throughout increasing our efficiency. We also provide plenty of blankets to encourage guests to minimise their heating use in the colder months.

Our lightbulbs are all LED/energy saving so use minimal electricity.

We ask our guests to turn off lights, appliances, and water when they are not in use. Appliances and heating are turned off/down when guests aren’t staying to reduce usage when the property is empty.


Cleaning Policies:

The majority of our cleaning essentials at the property are low-impact – using microfibre cloths that can be reused rather than disposable cloths and eco-friendly products like Method.

We encourage guests to let us know if bedding/towels haven’t been used so we can minimise energy used by washing clean linens.

Waste at Bleaklow Farm:  

Our team work hard to repair rather than replace at Bleaklow Farm. We also source a lot of our furniture from auctions/clearance sales.

Our waste company sort all rubbish from Bleaklow Farm into recyclables once removed from site to ensure we are recycling as much as possible.

We ask guests to leave any food they don’t/won’t consume so we can donate to a food bank/people in need.


Water at Bleaklow Farm:

We ask guests to turn off taps when not in use.

Our wastewater goes to a septic tank, this eliminates waste and recycles water. It is also beneficial for the surrounding vegetation and wildlife as well. 


Transport at Bleaklow Farm:

We provide EV charging onsite FOC to our guests to help encourage the use of kinder transportation.


Land Management:

Surrounding fields: Some of our surrounding grassland is used as active farmland, however when not in use we allow the grassland to flourish with wild flowers and local flora encouraging bees and butterflies

Surrounding woodland: Our surrounding woodlands are allowed to flourish providing safe habitats for birds, insects, and small mammals.

We do not allow pets at Bleaklow Farm to minimise the disturbance to local wildlife and livestock.

Collecting flowers, dead wood or disturbing any wildlife is forbidden.

Business wide sustainability:

The majority of our records and admin work are completed online to reduce paper waste.

Where possible we purchase items locally.

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